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The National Safety Group provides analytical, technical, creative design, and physical safety services to enhance the level of protection for your people, information, and assets, whether building around your home, business, temporary venue, vehicle, vessel, or aircraft. We offer simple solutions to complex problems, utilize the latest high-tech innovations, and connect with the best personnel in the world to complete your project.



Choice Lifeguards

Safety Services

Choice Lifeguards and EMTs are available for any public or private event needing aquatic or general safety supervision and / or emergency medical service and response.


Technical Analysis

Authority XIII provides information gathering and analysis, taking a broad range of available, or previously unavailable facts, and turning them into a set of real, realiable, and useable data.


Design and Protection

The Moschetto Company reigns king in designing and implementing architectural and technical solutions to complex security problems or requirements for your home, business, vehicles, or assets.




The National Safety Group was formed slowly over time, with the introduction of our CEO's self-branded Moschetto Company in 2005, which focused primarily on analytical and technical solutions.    In 2010, we added our first physical component, Choice Lifeguards. In 2011, our CEO was hired in a security capacity with the U.S. Federal Government, and assisted in a variety of high-profile assignments and National Special Security Events over the next several years.  Authority XIII is our most recent introduction to the public sector, seperating our analytical talents into their own segment of service, while expanding the Moschetto Company's offerings to include building design and construction services, a skill developed through a lifetime of learning, and over a decade of practice. The three companies are incorporated under the National Safety Group umbrella to unify our mission in protecting individuals and their assets through the design, service, analysis, and implementation of personnel, hardware, structure, and intelligent devices.





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